The Hungry Lizard Basso

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Feeding Time.

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About time.  Delay because of head buried in books.  I did do the initial sketch long before the due date.  It’s interesting how husband interpreted ‘Feeding Time’ the same subject in mind.  Why does it look like I’m missing a toe on the left foot?  And what’s with that monster left toenail?  Maybe it ate the missing toe.

Click image for full size.

Feeding Time!

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Oni-Bot E-75

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drawn in photoshop.  eve in mind.  not as original as my husband’s robot.  plus, he beat me at completing it.  smasss!!!

Oni-Bot X-73

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It’s my fault. My fault we didn’t post this sunday. Actually, I’m blaming Sookie Stackhouse. I should beat her senseless. Everyone else is.
We’ll post the Robot in the next few days when we can.

self portrait

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self portrait

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This weeks theme: self portrait. Drawn in: Photoshop with a tablet.

I drew me as a zombie. Inspired by: this.


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