Legend of Zelda

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Big Goron!


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haven’t had a chance to finish this. had fun though.

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I didn’t forget about my little bot.

Will pick this up again after the next couple of weeks. I promise.


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Sad sorry excuse for a drawing this week. That’s a ninja. And that’s stinky poopoo. He’s not really happy to be lugging that shit around.


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You don’t see him until it’s too late…Ninja Basso!


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I’ve never played Street Fighter EX2.  But Skullomania sounded and looked interesting to me.  I made a couple of backgrounds but again, I am bad at backgrounds.  That’s my husband’s job.

Yay!  I caught up!

Street Fighter “Blanka”

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So I made Blanka into a girl. I think I’ll make Zangief into one as well. Eeeesh…just had a vision of her.

Feeling Groovy

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I’m a week behind.  poo.  I once drew something for a onesie screen print for a friend.  It was godzilla with an ipod.  I recycled that idea for this tyrannosaurus rex.  His name is Cutlet.  At the moment, he’s listening to some ELO so it’s good that he has headphones on because he likes to make it loud.  He has no pants.  I don’t think many cartoon animals that wear shirts wear pants.  But maybe I’m only thinking about that pig.  Anyway, I lost steam as I was drawing the background.  Mostly because I’m not good at backgrounds though this is sort of an improvement. It’s supposed to be a street sidewalk.  There are no people.  Maybe he ate them?